What do the Municipalities need to do to register?

Unlike the other profiles, which can be registered directly on the site by choosing a password, the municipalities must use a specific password to register which we sent by email at the beginning of the last edition of "After UNESCO, Act!". If the municipalities should encounter problems in recovering the password, simply send an email to the address We will promptly send login credentials to the municipalities who request it.

What characteristics must projects in the artistic sector have? Are cultural promotion projects allowed?

Projects in the artistic sector are related to the exploitation of the art in all its forms. It is possible to get an idea from the following projects:

The cultural promotion projects are only admitted if they enhance degraded or abandoned areas, or actions that promote the competing Municipalities in a concrete way. Here are some possible examples, which combine the recovery of abandoned buildings with some cultural activities:

I did some restoration and upgrade work on my house located in Diano d'Alba. I also completed an artistic project in the town of Alba. Since I want to upload both projects on the site, in which team must I participate in the game?

In the case of a citizen or a business/association that uploads projects carried out in different municipalities is necessary to register a number of times and participate in the team of the town in which the project has been realized. In the example above the user would have had to upload the first project as a citizen in the team of the town of Diano d'Alba and the second project as a citizen of the team of the town of Alba.

I have only the image of the "after" but not that of "before" (and vice versa). Can the project be accepted in any case?

For the purposes of approval of a project it is absolutely necessary to upload both the "before” and “after” pictures. In addition the pictures must be consistent with the project uploaded. The quality of the pictures, instead, has no importance for the purposes of approval of the project.

We are a company/association based in the municipality of Coazzolo. In collaboration with Comune di Asti (which sustained the expenses for the operation), we have carried out an interesting project to enhance Piazza Vittorio Alfieri in Asti. Can we participate in the game?

In this case the project must be uploaded from Municipality of Asti, which, among other things, has borne the costs of implementing the project itself. The company/association can only be mentioned within the description of the project, but may in no way upload the project nor acquire points.

My project was not approved…

Even if it is only a game, projects must enhance the municipality protected by UNESCO in a concrete way. Even though this is just a game, the projects must effectively enhance the value of the municipalities participating in “After UNESCO, act!”. This is a fundamental requirement for the purposes of publication. By way of example, the restructuring of a dwelling in a state of abandonment carried out at own expense by a citizen is certainly an action of improvement to the town. On the contrary, cleaning the street in front of your home can not be considered a project (unless there is significant clean-up and maintenance work). In this we also rely on the good sense and fairness of the participants.

Can a project acquire additional points through virtual actions?

The virtual actions are important and, if used correctly, can help a single project and the team of the municipality for which it is uploaded to acquire additional points. To this end we suggest you read carefully the Official rules in paragraphs 5.1 and 5.2. To allocate the additional points to a project using sharing on Facebook it is absolutely necessary to have previously registered on the site At that point the procedure for the vote of a project is very simple and fast. After registration on the site, the user will earn 100 points if his/her profile of IoAgisco is shared on Facebook. Furthermore, to give visibility of their actions, we suggest participants to invite as many people as possible to put "Like" on the Facebook page of IoAgisco, where they are published many post dedicated to individual projects.