After UNESCO, act!


Looking at the landscape of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, it is easy to understand the reasons behind the UNESCO award obtained on 22 June 2014: a boundless land, a domesticated and generous nature, fruits that become products by preserving and enhancing excellence. The UNESCO World Heritage site designation must be the starting point for a shared project aimed at pursuing and maintaining a culture of beauty and environmental cleaning, that also takes account of the surroundings, hamlets, valleys, and built-up areas. A commitment of an individual or a group that wants to be a champion of that extraordinary landscape devoted to wine, driving and encouraging virtuous behaviour able to involve the entire population over a very extensive area.


1.0 - Object and rationale

The "After UNESCO, Act!" award is sponsored by the Department for Culture and Tourism of the Piedmont Region and it is aimed at anyone who lives, works or owns a second home in the territory of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato included on UNESCO's World Heritage List*, that has distinguished him/herself with private initiatives of commitment to the improvement of the quality of the countryside and urban areas for the benefit and enjoyment of all, with creative and environment-friendly actions.

*The following Municipalities won UNESCO recognition:

Acqui Terme (AL)
Agliano Terme (AT)
Alba (CN)
Alice Bel Colle (AL)
Altavilla Monferrato (AL)
Barbaresco (CN)
Barolo (CN)
Belveglio (AT)
Bergamasco (AL)
Bistagno (AL)
Calamandrana (AT)
Calosso (AT)
Camagna Monferrato (AL)
Canelli (AT)
Casale Monferrato (AL)
Casorzo (AT)
Cassinasco (AT)
Cassine (AL)
Castagnole delle Lanze (AT)
Castel Boglione (AT)
Castel Rocchero (AT)
Castelletto Merli (AL)
Castelletto Molina (AT)
Castelnuovo Belbo (AT)
Castelnuovo Calcea (AT)
Castiglione Falletto (CN)
Castiglione Tinella (CN)
Cella Monte (AL)
Cereseto (AL)
Cherasco (CN)
Coazzolo (AT)
Conzano (AL)
Cortiglione (AT)

Costigliole d'Asti (AT)
Diano d'Alba (CN)
Dogliani (CN)
Fontanile (AT)
Frassinello Monferrato (AL)
Fubine (AL)
Grana (AT)
Grazzano Badoglio (AT)
Grinzane Cavour (CN)
Incisa Scapaccino (AT)
Isola d'Asti (AT)
La Morra (CN)
Lu e Cuccaro Monferrato (AL)
Mango (CN)
Maranzana (AT)
Masio (AL)
Moasca (AT)
Mombaruzzo (AT)
Mombercelli (AT)
Moncalvo (AT)
Monchiero (CN)
Monforte d'Alba (CN)
Mongardino (AT)
Montabone (AT)
Montaldo Scarampi (AT)
Montegrosso d'Asti (AT)
Montelupo Albese (CN)
Monticello d'Alba (CN)
Narzole (CN)
Neive (CN)
Neviglie (CN)
Nizza Monferrato (AT)
Novello (CN)

Occimiano (AL)
Olivola (AL)
Ottiglio (AL)
Ozzano Monferrato (AL)
Penango (AT)
Ponzano Monferrato (AL)
Quaranti (AT)
Ricaldone (AL)
Rocca d'Arazzo (AT)
Rocchetta Palafea (AT)
Rocchetta Tanaro (AT)
Roddi (CN)
Roddino (CN)
Rodello (CN)
Rosignano Monferrato (AL)
Sala Monferrato (AL)
San Marzano Oliveto (AT)
Santa Vittoria d'Alba (CN)
Santo Stefano Belbo (CN)
Serralunga d'Alba (CN)
Serralunga di Crea (AL)
Sinio (CN)
Strevi (AL)
Terruggia (AL)
Terzo (AL)
Treiso (CN)
Treville (AL)
Trezzo Tinella (CN)
Vaglio Serra (AT)
Verduno (CN)
Vigliano d'Asti (AT)
Vignale Monferrato (AL)
Vinchio (AT)

Since 2019, the game has been open to neighbouring municipalities:

Albugnano (AT)
Baldissero d'Alba (CN)
Bastia Mondovì (CN)
Belvedere Langhe (CN)
Bra (CN)
Bubbio (AT)
Calliano (AT)
Canale (CN)
Carpeneto (AL)
Casaleggio Boiro (AL)
Cassinelle (AL)
Castagnito (CN)
Castagnole Monferrato (AT)
Castell’Alfero (AT)
Castelletto d'Orba (AL)
Castellinaldo d'Alba (CN)
Castelnuovo Don Bosco (AT)
Ceresole d'Alba (CN)
Cessole (AT)
Cigliè (CN)
Cisterna d’Asti (AT)

Clavesana (CN)
Corneliano d’Alba (CN)
Cossano Belbo (CN)
Cremolino (AL)
Farigliano (CN)
Gavi (AL)
Govone (CN)
Guarene (CN)
Loazzolo (AT)
Magliano Alfieri (CN)
Moncucco Torinese (AT)
Montà (CN)
Montaldeo (AL)
Montaldo Bormida (AL)
Montaldo Roero (CN)
Montemagno (AT)
Monteu Roero (CN)
Morsasco (AL)
Murazzano (CN)
Ovada (AL)
Pino d’Asti (AT)

Piobesi d’Alba (CN)
Pocapaglia (CN)
Portacomaro (AT)
Priocca (CN)
Refrancore (AT)
Rivalta Bormida (AL)
Rocca Cigliè (CN)
Rocca Grimalda (AL)
San Cristoforo (AL)
San Martino Alfieri (AT)
Sanfrè (CN)
Santo Stefano Roero (CN)
Scurzolengo (AT)
Sommariva del Bosco (CN)
Sommariva Perno (CN)
Tagliolo Monferrato (AL)
Trisobbio (AL)
Vesime (AT)
Vezza d'Alba (CN)
Viarigi (AT)

Since 2018, the Piedmont Region has been sharing the organisation of the community game and of the communication and award-presentation activities with the Associazione per il patrimonio dei Paesaggi vitivinicoli di Langhe-Roero e Monferrato (Association for the Heritage of the Vineyard Landscapes of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato).

2.0 - Participating Categories

4 general categories are allowed to participate:
- Citizens (who live, work, study or have a second home in the territory in the scope of the game)
- Companies ["Companies" category comprises companies, commercial activities, non-profit associations (e.g. pro-loco or local promotional organisations)]
- Schools
- Municipalities
The different categories of participants will be organized into a single team according to the Municipality of residence in case of citizens and to the Municipality in which the schools, commercial activities or nonprofit associations are located in the case of Schools, Companies. Non-resident citizens will participate for the team of the Municipality in which they work or have their second home; their projects shall be implemented in the Municipality selected. Companies may only submit projects implemented on their property, and activities carried out on behalf of third parties on other properties will not be accepted; for example, if a building firm renovates a shed against payment, it will not be entitled to submit the project, while the company which owns the building and has incurred the relevant costs will be able to do so.

2.1 – Projects of a single individual or a company for different Municipalities

In the case of a citizen or a company/association that uploads projects carried out in different Municipalities, it will be necessary to sign up several times and participate for the team of the Municipality in which the project has been carried out. If, for example, a citizen has carried out an enhancement project for his/her dwelling located in Diano d'Alba and an artistic project in the Municipality of Alba, he/she will upload the first project as a citizen of the team of Diano d'Alba Municipality and the second as a citizen of the team of Alba Municipality.

3.0 - Project/activity AREAS

In order to be accepted, projects or activities shall fall within one of the following 5 areas:
- Restoration and enhancement (both architectural and urban furnishings, e.g.: restoring an ancient door, implementing coordinated signs for shops consistently with the place).
- Environmental cleaning (visual, luminous and acoustic depollution, e.g.: removing trash and scrub, restoring the view on scenic viewpoints or prestigious buildings, adopt methods to reduce the noise).
- Hospitality (to be conveyed both with words and facts, for instance, a seat for the benefit of hikers, to rest for a few minutes, a drinking fountain for public use).
- Green thumb (green area care in all its forms in order to improve the visual impact of some environments or structures with the use of greeneries and/or species of flowering plants, e.g. planting hedges to mitigate the visual impact of some buildings on the landscape).
- Arts (enhancement of art in all its forms e.g.: the realization of an artistic installation donated to charity to the Municipality, the recovery or allocation of public and private spaces to artistic events).

3.1 - Validity of projects

All projects registered must have been carried out after 22 June 2014. As for the date of actual implementation of the project, we confide in the loyalty of the participants. The projects must be uploaded on the website and must be documented by before-and-after images and a brief description of the activity carried out. The material must be uploaded by the user on the website
The photos and the projects will not be immediately visible on the website but will be moderated by the editorial staff of Io Agisco. In case a project is deemed to be unsuitable, it will not be accepted and therefore not published on the website.
All the materials uploaded on the website by the participants to the game "IoAgisco" are understood to be transferred to the Piedmont Region free of charge, that may use them in publications and presentations concerning the initiative "Dopo l'UNESCO, agisco!" (“After UNESCO, act!”) both on offline (brochures, billboards, posters, etc.) and online channels (web, social networks, newsletters, etc.).


Participation is permitted individually or in a group in the case of schools or companies, on self-nomination by creating your profile on the website
Registration takes place automatically once you have created your profile on the website
Only adults are entitled to register. In the case of schools, the school director will proceed to sign up and activities may also be carried out by students who are minors.

4.1 - Registration for the different categories

Five different categories of participants have been defined. All citizens can participate in the category "Citizens" and, where consistent, in other categories (e.g.: the Mayor for his/her own Municipality but also as an individual citizen).

4.1.1 - Citizens
On the web portal (, users will need to create their own profile by entering their data in the form provided stating, in the case of resident citizens, their Municipality. In the case of non-resident citizens, users must indicate the Municipality in which they have their second home or where they work and where they have developed the projects to be uploaded; doing so they will join the team of the Municipality selected.
The citizens who have already signed up during the previous edition must use their existing Citizen profile.

4.1.2 - Schools
On the web portal (, the school director or his/her delegate must create the profile of their school by entering the required data in the form provided; doing so, their school will join the team of the Municipality where it is located.

4.1.3 - Companies (meaning companies, commercial activities and non-profit associations)
On the web portal (, the entrepreneur or the representative of the "community" must create the profile of their company by entering the required data in the form provided; doing so, their business will join the team of their Municipality.
Companies that have already signed up during the previous edition must use their existing profile.

4.1.4 - Municipalities
The Municipality will receive a username and a password to access his/her profile. On the web portal (, he/she will need to go through authentication using the credentials provided to him/her thus activating the profile and joining the relevant Municipality team.
The Municipalities that have already signed up during the previous edition must use their existing Municipality profile.

5.0 - Activities and scores

You can obtain points in several ways.
The points earned by the categories Schools, Citizens, Companies/commercial activities/nonprofit associations will be allocated both to those who implemented the project/action and to the relevant Municipality team.
In order to avoid penalising the Municipalities with less residents, points will be awarded to the relevant Municipality team after alignment, according to a proportion calculated on the number of citizens residing in the Municipality.
The points will be awarded after the project is approved by the editorial staff of Io Agisco.

5.1 - Points awarded due to real actions implemented on the territory and voted online

- upload project: points are automatically earned for each project uploaded on the website and accepted by the editorial staff of Io Agisco, according to the category of participant:
Citizens: 250 Points
Municipalities: 500 Points
Companies: 500 Points
Schools: 300 Points

- Web preferences: all web users, subject to registration, may express their preference for one or more projects. For each preference a point will be awarded. Upon reaching 10, 20 and 30 points through preferences, the system will automatically assign you 5 additional bonus points.

- Special expert's points: every month an expert appointed by the Piedmont Region will assign additional points to the actions considered most deserving, up to a maximum of three for UNESCO Municipalities, and three for non-UNESCO Municipalities. The points given by the experts will be based on criteria of creativity, environment friendliness, use of recycled materials, decoration, functionality/accessibility and improvement of the territory. Experts are not required to assign all points at their disposal every month.
Additional points will be assigned as follows:
500 points
300 points
150 points

5.2 - Points awarded due to virtual actions implemented on the web and on social networks

"Citizens" will be able to obtain additional points if they carry out "virtual actions" aimed at sharing the project and the relevant website with as many people as possible.

Virtual actions:

- Involve your friends!
The user will earn points by inviting friends to join by sending an e-mail via the form provided. Each sign-up will make the user earn 5 points and the corresponding virtual badge.

- Promote our project!
The user will earn 10 points and a badge if he/she shares on his/her Facebook profile the initiative manifesto by using the form provided. Points will only be assigned the first time (one per edition) the manifesto is shared.

5.3 - Fan Profile

Users living outside the competing municipalities can take part in the game by registering with the "Fan" profile.

The Fan profile allows to:
- Share the manifesto on the personal Facebook page.
- Invite friends to join by sending an e-mail through the form provided.
- Assign own preference for one or more projects (once for each). For each preference a point will be awarded.

The Fan profile is not entitled to:
- Earn points.
- Upload projects.
- Choose a team to join.

6.0 - Badges

In addition to the points, virtual badges will be assigned which can be viewed on the website on the page of your profile.

6.1 - Badges awarded due to real actions implemented on the territory

- Upload project: you get a badge depicting the category which the uploaded project belongs to.
- Special experts' badges:
1st classified: gold badge depicting the category which the uploaded project belongs to.
2nd classified: silver badge depicting the category which the uploaded project belongs to.
3rd classified: bronze badge depicting the category which the uploaded project belongs to.

6.2 - Badges awarded due to virtual actions implemented on the web and on social networks

The virtual actions carried out will earn the user some badges:
- Involve your friends: recruiter badge, obtained for every friend who signs up to the website.
- Promote our project: IoAgisco supporter badge.

7.0 - Rankings

The rankings, which are updated regularly, will be drawn up taking account of all the points earned, and specifically:
- points earned from virtual actions carried out by the citizens;
- points earned for having uploaded each project;
- points awarded due to the preferences obtained on the website;
- points assigned by the experts appointed by the Piedmont Region.

The rankings will be updated after the approval of the projects.
The profiles with zero points will not appear in the ranking.

8.0 - Award Ceremony

At the end of the initiative the first three ranked Municipality teams will receive a plaque. Each participant of the first ranked team will receive a virtual certificate by e-mail.
The Piedmont Region reserves the right to award a plaque to the winning project, for each category, carried out within the UNESCO area and to give special mentions.
The first three teams from the non-UNESCO Municipalities in the ranking will receive a plaque. Regione Piemonte reserves the right to award a plaque to the winning project, for each category, carried out in municipalities outside UNESCO area and to give special mentions.

The award ceremony will be public and the exact venue and time will be advised by a separate communication. The results will be widely advertised on the website.

The Piedmont Region reserves the right to decide the materials for the realization of the plaques. Municipalities are requested to display the plaque in a visible public space.
The Piedmont Region reserves the right to use the photos submitted in the public communications concerning the award.

9.0 - Experts

The Piedmont Region will appoint an expert for each category (for a total of 5 experts), that may periodically assign additional points as described above on a monthly basis.

For more information: