After UNESCO, act! is an important acknowledgement created by Regione Piemonte’s Department of Culture and Tourism specifically for the municipalities in the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Since 2019, in collaboration with the Association for the Heritage of the Vineyard Landscapes of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, some neighbouring municipalities have also been included in the community game. The aim of the initiative is to generate the awareness that many small changes can lead to a big overall improvement, to the benefit of everyone.

We who live, work, study in this area are involved in the project After UNESCO, act! because:

We want our land, which has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to become even more pleasant for people living here and attractive to those who visit.
Our goal is to promote the culture of “nice and clean”.
The title of World Heritage is not the point of arrival, but the starting point of a great project shared with the entire population of our land.
We want to raise awareness to the fact that many small changes, together with many small acts that enhance our traditions, can lead to a great improvement overall.
We are certain that every action (even the simplest) that every single person or organisation will implement to make our territory more beautiful and clean will bring great benefits to all.
We believe that loving one’s own heritage is a lifestyle. For this reason we want to stimulate everyone in the area to adopt everyday behaviour that may contribute to a lasting exploitation of their own land.
We think that to make improvements, the best way is to face challenges as if it were a game, to achieve the objectives in a pleasant manner.
We believe that speed and constancy are decisive factors in this process of improvement. That is why we want to be the first to act.
We think that the Internet and social networks are the means that are most useful for spreading a culture of “nice and clean”, and to make the beauty of our land and the many projects that we will implement in the future known to all, even to those who do not live in the area.
We are convinced we have what it takes in order to renew year after year the valuable recognition given to us by UNESCO. And we will be proud to have acted.